PCP for Digital Sales Executives helped a lot with the basic and advanced tools that we needed to spear ahead in building brand awareness

Rachel, Xctuality (formally known as iGo Smart Payments & Ticketing Pte Ltd)


About Xctuality

Xctuality is an event service provider focusing on virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality and other experiential reality. They enable businesses to organize a full fledge virtual event, from integrated ticketing to live-streaming / broadcasting, tipping, e-commerce, and a microsite.



When Covid-19 hit, Xctuality was one of the earliest industries that were affected, forcing them to pivot their business virtually. To kickstart, the first task on their plate would be to build brand awareness; With a tall order to fill, they knew that they needed the right tools and strategies in order to achieve the company’s goals in terms of generating sales through their digital marketing platforms.


Strategy & Execution

Two of their employees were enrolled in the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive to equip themselves with the basic and advanced tools needed to build and increase their brand awareness online.



With the support and encouragement of experienced mentors, they were able to fully equipped themselves with the latest and advanced tools and strategies that are proven to work in today’s day and age to boost their brand awareness as well as increase their sales digitally. The programme also helped them in expanding their network among the team members by collaborating and providing business services for each other.


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