Helping Businesses & Professionals Achieve More Sales Through Education & Technology


Empower Businesses To Drive More Sales Through Technology And Education

At QuickDesk, we seek to empower businesses to drive more sales through technology and education.

QuickDesk started in 2014, with a simple mission of helping sales people to achieve more sales with less and hence we developed a customer relationship management (CRM) software. However we realised that what many sales people are looking for is leads. Without leads, they have no info for their CRM.

Hence in 2018 QuickDesk started to generate leads and prospect for clients. It was great to generate quality prospects for clients. However, we realised it was not sustainable, we could not grow with them.

There was this saying: I was taught with the latest digital tools and refresher courses of what's happening in the sales and marketing world today.

Hence by end of 2018, we decided to consolidate all of our experiences from offering CRM and Leads to Clients into an education programme. We believe that education plays a pivotal role in fulfilling every business dream of driving more sales. Our programmes include Digital Sales Transformation and Professional Conversion Programme for Digital Sales Executive to teach professionals how to digitise their sales process and sell with the RIGHT values.

Many prospects ask us, so how are we different? Truth be told its our WHY and HOW that sets us apart. It’s down to our attitude, our approach and the way we treat clients. Our commitment is to journey with you in your own transformation to drive more sales as your trusted advisor and partner.

Our vision to empower and impact businesses globally stays true every single step of our way till today. We care about your success and it’s our mission to grow in this journey together with you.



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