Before the course ended, we have already started to create email automation to improve sales

Annie Loke May Wan, Web Master Consultancy Pte Ltd


About Web Master Consultancy Pte Ltd

Web Master Consultancy is a programming and web development company specialises in PHP and MySQL programming - custom software, database-driven applications and more.

Their core solution is customised web based applications with integrated customized modules. They also provide hardware infrastructure installations as well as domain insights and managing cloud businesses in the local landscape.



When COVID-19 hit, many people started to work from home. Hence, Web Master Consultancy wanted to find a way to connect and engage with their clients using online channels and tools. Their main goal was to build trust and confidence with their prospects and clients.


Strategy & Execution

Their employee, Annie Loke May Wan was enrolled into the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive to learn the latest tools and strategies to increase their sales digitally while building brand presence and trust with their clients.

QuickDesk and NUS mentors supported and guided her throughout her learning journey. Even before the programme ended, Annie has implemented email marketing automation to improve the sales number in her company.



By the end of the programme, Annie was fully equipped with the right digital tools and skills she needed to implement the digital sales and marketing processes to achieve the company’s goals.


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