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When we have team meetings for marketing or even branding, they are able to contribute a lot more

Jared, Co-Founder and CEO of The Global Citizen Education Group


About The Global Citizen Education Group

The Global Citizen Education Group provides education enrichment programs for students in Singapore and around the region.



The company was going through a digitalisation process before getting to know about QuickDesk training programmes. Their goal was to shift their focus to digital sales and digital marketing as a means to expand their business.


Strategy & Execution

Two of their employees were enrolled in the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive to upskill them with the skills they need to execute their sales and marketing strategies more effectively.

In the programme, their employees were familiarised with the latest trends of digital tools and strategies to effectively position and market their products and services and how to craft marketing messages the right way to convert their prospects into clients.



At the end of the programme, the employees successfully boosted their digital sales and marketing skills, making them valuable assets in their organization’s journey to expand their business in today’s advanced digital arena.


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