We also learn on the online tools that enable us to gather leads which we didn't know there are such online tools to use.

Ng Wei Shan, Sweetest Moments Pte Ltd


About Sweetest Moments Pte Ltd

Sweetest Moments Pte Ltd is a homegrown brand that aims to enliven each and every celebratory occasion with tasty treats crafted from the freshest ingredients. Due to their strong commitment to high-quality assurance standards, they received heartfelt testimonials from celebrity parents and several Best Full Month Packages awards from renowned parenthood magazines.



Covid-19 outbreak forced Sweetest Moments Pte Ltd to turn their business to digitalization and convert their way of marketing and selling their products and services. They aimed to equip their business with effective sales and marketing strategies and tools to generate sales digitally.


Strategy & Execution

Sweetest Moments Pte Ltd enrolled their newly hired in the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive to equip their employee with the right strategies and tools to run marketing efforts and increase the company’s revenue digitally.



Their employee was exposed to various digital tools to generate potential leads from a targeted market and learnt how to utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to gather the leads extracted into a centralized platform. To run more effective sales and marketing efforts, competitor analysis tools and strategies were being taught to analyze the company’s industry better.


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