We could improve the structure in terms of the sales process and marketing automation, that allows us to operate more efficiently

Paul Kang Eng Chye, Seagift Food Pte Ltd


About Seagift Food Pte Ltd

Seagift Food Pte Ltd provides a wide range of frozen raw and value-added seafood products .



The year 2020 to 2021 was one of the most difficult years for most companies in Singapore due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Hence, Seagift Food Pte Ltd desired to create a second avenue to sustain and expand their target market.


Strategy & Execution

Seagift Food Pte Ltd explored Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive, a comprehensive training programme that includes both basic and advanced skills needed to be a Professional Digital Sales Executive. Theoretical and practical training were also applied during the 6 months training programme for the students to be fully equipped with the right skills and tools to increase the company’s revenue.

Hence, Seagift Food Pte Ltd enrolled their employee, Paul Kang, into the training programme to increase their sales digitally by using digital tools and online channels.



By the end of the programme, Paul Kang was able to apply the learnings and improved the sales and marketing processes for the company to execute more efficiently. He was equipped with the various digital tools to generate potential leads and maximised the company’s ability to expand their reach to the right target market.


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