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Michelle Sim, Julian Grey Corporate Advisory


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Julian Grey Corporate Advisory is an executive search form which comprises investments, corporate finance, trading, advisory, consulting and human resource solutions for our corporate and private clients..



Their employee, Michelle Sim was enrolled in the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive to help the company increase their sales digitally. Prior to joining PCP, Michelle was not IT-savvy and had limited computer skills.


Strategy & Execution

At the start of PCP, Michelle was struggling to adapt to the technology tools and digital solutions but she took a leap of faith and persevered through her endeavor with our mentors, who had constantly motivated and supported her as she journeyed with PCP.



By the end of the programme, Michelle has successfully enhanced her digital skills and was able to apply her learnings in her workplace, resulting in improved sales for her company through their various online platforms. Delighted at her personal growth and the amount of digital skills she has acquired over the course of three short months, she was quick to recommend PCP to her business contacts in hopes that they would be able to boost their sales numbers and expand their knowledge base, as she did.

We are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to journey with our learners as they equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to drive sales, sustainability and growth for their organization.


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