After going through the course, my staff is able to target and locate these people (prospects) through the digital means

Vin Tan, Founder of Enterprise Advisory Services


About Enterprise Advisory Services

Enterprise Advisory Services helps companies from various industries such as financial, business services, and consumer products sector to outsource professional services.



Networking sessions and physical meetings were part of daily activities to build relationships with clients. When Covid-19 hit, they had to pivot the business and explore possible solutions to hunt for prospects and leads through digital means.


Strategy & Execution

Two of the employees were enrolled in the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive to learn how to use digital tools to target and locate their potential prospects using various online channels and how to strategize in converting these prospects to sales. Their employees were equipped with the skills and knowledge to use the right tools to hunt for high quality leads using a suitable social channel and to close sales more efficiently.



Their employees were able to immediately apply the skills learned upon the completion of the programme. From zero knowledge and experience in sales and marketing, the training programme has helped them to not only gain knowledge in the digital sales and digital marketing field, but also increased their confidence in evaluating and assessing the digital marketing services provided by their vendors.


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