Going through this course actually has broadened my thinking in terms of branding, marketing, even on automation

Yeo Wei Jian, EMB3 Pte Ltd


About EMB3 Pte Ltd

EMB3 Pte Ltd is an embroidery provider specialising in full embroidery. They have produced hundreds of corporate gifts for apparel stockists and renowned brands in Singapore. They are also an exclusive distributor for well-known brands such as Puma, Adidas, Enemmall and Nike.



Prior to COVID-19, they were relying mainly on referral to generate sales. They realized that the number of referrals was getting lesser and sales started to grow slower. Hence, they started to explore possible solutions to execute digital marketing efforts, increase brand awareness and increase their sales.


Strategy & Execution

One of their employees, Yeo Wei Jian, was enrolled in the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive. In PCP, Yeo Wei Jian was equipped with the right sales and marketing skills and knowledge to help the company go beyond referrals in their sales and marketing efforts. He learned to use various digital tools and automation to shorten the sales and marketing processes and close sales efficiently.



Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For Digital Sales Executive has helped to open a new opportunity for EMB3 Pte Ltd to increase their sales digitally by equipping their sales and marketing team with the right digital sales skills. On top of that, heo Wei Jian had the opportunity to communicate and understand his classmates’ industries and view the sales and marketing processes from various perspectives.

Now, Yeo Wei Jian is also able to communicate with third parties more effectively on the sales and marketing strategies for the company.


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