... PCP was very effective for helping me get up to speed and equipping me with the right tools to be able to do Facebook Marketing, Google Ads and even Email Marketing

Hyder, Coaching Changes Lives


About Coaching Changes Lives

Coaching Changes Lives is a coaching certification provider. They provide training courses that allow you to get certified under International Coaching Federation, the largest body of accreditation for coaching worldwide.



During the Covid-19 period, Coaching Changes Lives had to pivot their physical activities to virtual zoom meetings and zoom webinars. As a result, they needed to find a way to scale their sales and marketing activities effectively in selling and promoting their virtual events.


Strategy & Execution

To close the gap, Coaching Changes Lives hired a new sales professional, Hyder, and joined the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Digital Sales Executive to better strategize and implement digital sales and digital marketing efforts digitally.

In the programme, their team was equipped with the right tools and strategies to run sales and marketing efforts such as Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing and more. With the company’s consent, actual digital sales and digital marketing activities were implemented to produce actual results for the company.



With the help from experienced mentors and supportive team members in the programme, Hyder was able to receive valuable insights on the various strategies used for different industries and produce actual sales for the company even before the programme ended. Now, the company is equipped with the right digital sales and digital marketing strategies and tools to automate their marketing efforts to promote their virtual events and focus on only closing sales digitally.


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