Now, potential leads come through our email marketing which is made possible by QuickDesk

Natasha, Product Executive, Belive Technology


About BeLive Technology

BeLive Technology is the live streaming solutions provider. They provide live streaming technology for other businesses to create their own live streaming platform or to integrate live streamings into their existing platform.



BeLive Technology did not have enough resources on running more effective sales and marketing activities as the platforms previously used did not fit their needs. They needed a more flexible and customizable platform to achieve their revenue goals as well as a more strategic approach on executing their sales and marketing efforts.


Strategy & Execution

A consultation session was arranged to understand and analyze the challenges they were facing. We then built a clear visibility of their business process and proposed digital solutions to evolve their current processes based on their business requirements. One-to-one training was given to their team to automate their marketing activities including Google Ads integrations, engagement automations, real-time customer tracking, predictive actions and more.



The implementations allow BeLive Technology to have a clear visibility on their prospects’ behavior in real time to run more effective marketing campaigns as well as remarketing efforts. Now, they are able to generate better quality leads and close more sales digitally through QuickDesk Sales and QuickDesk Marketing with less time as compared to before the implementation.


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