After sending out the campaigns, we got responses through QD (QuickDesk Solutions). The follow up is going on for closure of deal

Gitika, Abundex


About Abundex International

Abundex is the exclusive business partner of BUNGE — one of the largest commodity traders in the world for 16 South Asian countries. With its expertise in the Asian region and the Middle East, Abundex supplies high quality soft cooking oils globally and manufactures coffee mix product solutions for its own brand or private label option (OEM).



Prior to QuickDesk, Abundex has been relying on Excel sheet to store their leads and their sales and marketing processes are being implemented manually through WhatsApp and emails. Hence, the follow up processes were not being tracked properly and the company has no clear visibility of their sales funnel.

Being in the e-commerce sector, Abundex needed systematic follow-up processes and clear sales and marketing funnels to keep track of their potential prospects and close sales seamlessly within a shorter period of time.


Strategy & Execution

Abundex explored new strategies to increase their number of leads and inquiries from existing sources as well as other means and possible solutions to keep their leads engaged. QuickDesk has helped to map out and strategize digital solutions specifically for their industry and business needs. Comparison between other digital solutions providers were analyzed allowing them to have transparency before implementing QuickDesk solutions.



QuickDesk Solution was set up from their initial touchpoints and follow up processes were being automated allowing them to only focus on closing sales. Training was also provided for their team and a consultant was assigned specifically to assist their needs. Now, they are able to automate their follow up, send reminders, track potential leads and close sales easily.


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