Time spent is reduced by


to execute their sales and marketing efforts

Sales is increased by


as compared to before the implementation


About The Next Level

The Next Level is a Digital Marketing service and training provider in Singapore. They offer an extensive range of courses in Digital Marketing, e-Commerce and Business Management. All of these courses empowers entrepreneurs to challenge conventional wisdom in the aggressive market and to build bridges through business thinking.



Prior to this, The Next Level was using traditional methods in the execution of their sales and marketing processes. When they had reached out to QuickDesk, they aimed to increase the productivity of their team and to drive revenue growth with a significant reduction in time and efforts put in the sales and marketing processes.



A consultation session was arranged to understand and analyze the challenges they were facing. We then created a workflow and proposed solutions to evolve their current processes and resolve their concerns based on their business market and requirements.



The implementation process started out with setting up and automating The Next Level business processes in the various digital solutions that were proposed to assist their operation team in increasing their productivity. One-to-one training was given to their team to boost their performance and efficiency.



Their sales team's morale has increased and their operation team has become more effective and efficient. The company sales has increased by at least 50% as compared to before the digital solution implementation and their time in executing their sales and marketing process has reduced by at least 80%.


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