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Paul, Digital Marketing Manager


About Mason & Co

Mason & Co is an Executive Search and Consultancy firm that delivers excellence in the assessment and coaching fields. They specialize in construction, life-science, Information & Technology (IT), and renewable energy.



With a large clientele, spanning various industries, Mason & Co had to manually segment their database to send out their email engagements. They needed the tools and skills to help simplify their engagement process which should directly optimize their sales & marketing efforts to increase sales.


Strategy & Execution

Two of their employees enrolled into the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Digital Sales Executives. This program which entails 3 months online training with additional 3 months on the job training is designed to equip sales professionals with crucial digital skills. By the end of the program, most sales professionals will be able to implement optimized strategies for their organizations; such as effective online channels to generate cold leads and methods of converting leads into actual sales.



Through this program, Mason & Co has successfully improved their digital touchpoints and activities with their clients. The digital solutions implemented have helped save them a lot of time by allowing them to blast latest company news and updates seamlessly. On top of that, they were able to re-strategize their recruitment process which enabled them to easily track email campaign reports and set a reply-automation.

This meant that most of their engagements, be it marketing efforts or internal processes were being automated to reduce manual intervention. This has meant that most of their engagement processes were automated, allowing their sales team to only focus on closing deals and therefore helping expand and scale the company!


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