How to Ensure Your Customer Data is Always Up-to-date

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June 11, 2020
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June 11, 2020

How to Ensure Your Customer Data is Always Up-to-date

Keeping customer’s data updated is key to your business. An updated database will help you improve your relationship with customers. An easy and efficient way to achieve this is using a CRM software to manage your database. With such an efficient system, you don’t have to keep looking for data from old files hence allowing you adequate time to concentrate on marketing strategies. Any serious business has a customer database. Ensuring your customer’s data is secure is not only crucial for your business but also helps protect sensitive customer information. Imagine losing your database because of a system failure or a malicious cyber-attack. How would you handle such a crisis and explain to your customers that their personal details have been compromised? Such a mistake will make customers doubt your competence and move to competition. If you are a business owner and your data is outdated, here are some guidelines to start you off:

Completed data

Incomplete customer data leads to poor customer relationships and waste of time. It will also thwart your marketing efforts. Take a scenario whereby you need to send urgent information to your customers about the launch of a new product only to realize the contact information is incomplete. For instance, their phone numbers are not there, or you have the wrong email address? You can avoid such a scenario by ensuring your customer’s information is always complete. Investing in an automated system will save the time spent completing the data manually.

Avoid duplication

Keeping duplicated data is not only confusing but also a waste of time. You can use a CRM software to check for any duplicated data and delete the one you do not require. You can carry out data clean up frequently to ensure you do not have such duplicates and is correct. However, the ICAEW suggests to press the delete button with caution, compare the data first and ensure you capture all the relevant customer information under one file. You can also take some time to delete any data that you no longer require form your system such as deceased customers. In case a client changes their information such as postal address or physical location, all you need is to update and save.

Enhance your data security

If you have more than one user in your company, then it means several people have access to your database. In that case, it is wise to create a robust and secure system that will ensure customer data is always secure. For instance, you can allow users limited access in the system to ensure they have no rights to amend data, and only allow one or two people rights that can allow them to change the data when necessary. That way, you will have a clean database, and you can always track any changes made in the system.

Validate your data

Create a system that has specific and compulsory fields that must always be entered for that data to be complete. For instance, you can make email addresses, cell phone number and physical location compulsory fields for data entry.

Maintain a style of data entry

The invention of automated services such as CRM systems ensures that most of your data is accurate and up to date. However, you cannot always over-rely on the system to do all the work for you. Occasionally, human intervention is necessary to ensure the data is of high quality. One way of ensuring this is by having a standardized data entry method. For instance, you can choose an alphabetical order, by country, postal address or even by designation depending on the scope of your company and customer base. That way, fetching customer information from the system will just be by the click of the button.

The process of a data clean up and maintaining a clean database may take time. However, the benefits you are likely to enjoy once you have clean and updated records are numerous. Your employees will enjoy an easy working environment since getting customer information will be just at the click of a button! You will also enjoy better customer satisfaction and improved sales. You can also consider investing in a CRM System and enjoy the increased sales.

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