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What is digital sales?

Example of Digital Sales

What can digital sales do?

What makes an effective digital sales strategy?

What do you need to implement digital sales?

Keeping up with the finest business practices in the digital age can feel overwhelming as technology develops and changes quickly. But the digital world is increasingly having an impact on consumer purchases. There is no reason for your prospects to look elsewhere when they can easily view advertisements and make purchases online while lounging on their couches. You must quickly gain a thorough understanding of the digital market if you want to succeed in the sales game.

In this article, we’ll explore what digital sales are and how they can increase sales revenue, revolutionize your business, and improve your sales operation.

What is Digital Sales?

Digital sales are transactions made using one or more types of digital media. In digital sales, businesses reach out to potential customers through virtual channels, educate them about the goods or services they are offering, and present them with options that will satisfy their needs.

Examples of digital selling

Digital selling takes place via a variety of common online channels, including:


According to The June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey by the consulting and accountancy firm, are more focused on locating the greatest deal, getting product’s information online before approaching the seller. Hence, it is important to have a digital present, and landing pages are essential where customers may click and learn more about your goods or services.

Giving online ordering to your clients is a terrific method to speed up and simplify the purchasing process. Additionally, you can offer a sign-up form for prospective clients to receive frequent email updates. This keeps potential customers interested even if they aren’t ready to buy right now.


Having a regular educational and promotional newsletter is a great way to keep customers and people who have subscribed to your newsletter educated and informed about your product and what you’re up to next.

According to Deskera, educational materials could build trust, build relationships, drive organic traffic, and become the ideological leader of the industry. This could help you attract more prospects and speed up the sales conversion process as they are informed and  trust what you can offer. Besides, any other promotional marketing offers could compel customers to buy.

Most importantly, all emails should have a clear CTA (call to action) that allows your audience to take the necessary action. You can get the contact information instantly with a good CTA, and add them to your marketing funnel right away.

Social Media

According to Investopedia, currently, there are 4.6 billion social media users globally—over 58% of the world’s population—an increase of over 10% in one year alone. Consequently, it’s crucial to have a regular and interesting social media presence. Customers could be spending hours on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other well-known websites. It makes sense to interact with them where they are already.

Targeted Ads

Online advertising is an effective lead generation method, but it is quite hard to get people’s attention as people naturally ignore any “shove down to your throat” salesy information. Hence it needs to be done carefully. It is important to study the digital viewing habits of your targeted audience, therefore, it is important to build your buyer persona and then use this information to do the targeted ads.


A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation. It is commonly used to automatically react to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and point website users to particular results. This is a terrific way to build engaging consumer experiences without occupying the time of your sales personnel, who have more essential things to accomplish than explain the basics.

If they were employed properly in digital marketing, chatbots may speed up communication and avoid the occurrence of disgruntled consumers who might harm our brand or change their purchase process as a consequence of communication issues.

What can digital sales do for you?

You might be thinking, the above mentioned methods and tools sound good, but how do you justify spending extra pennies to implement digital sales when conventional sales is also bringing you revenue? What’s in it for you if you implement digital sales?

  1. Digital is without a doubt a powerful engine for sales businesses. According to Mckinsey,  B2B sales executives that effectively utilize digital experience five times the growth of their rivals who are not at the forefront of using digital technology.
  2. Inbound leads are more prevalent as a result of digital sales and marketing methods, and according to 59 percent of marketers, they are of higher quality than outbound leads.
  3. With a carefully crafted online presence, you could increase brand recognition. According to Global Banking and Finance Review, prior to making a purchase, 71% of consumers thought it was very or somewhat important to recognise a brand.
  4. You will have access to a wealth of information based on the analytics of how people engage with your website, social media accounts, and other company sites if you regularly track visitor data.This information can reveal sales and marketing performance issues and assist identify the most effective marketing and sales strategy.
  5. A well-designed website makes it possible for clients to browse and buy your goods from home for B2C sales. This increases the number of potential customers you have by opening your company up to those who have transportation problems or who are unable to leave their homes.

What makes an effective digital sales strategy?


Your company, sales team, and bottom line will all benefit from sales automation in different ways. Automation of sales

  1. Boosts your efficiency; ensures your sales leads don’t fall through the cracks;
  2. It improves the accuracy and expedites your sales process;
  3. It streamlines the quality of your sales tasks;
  4. Decreases response time, which can increase customer satisfaction;
  5. To maintain sales data consistency across your sales organization;
  6. This enables efficient use of otherwise scarce resources (like a small sales team or budget).

Collecting data

Collecting data is essential for understanding what consumers need and want. Having a presence on digital platforms and researching your clientele provides your company with valuable insights that boost client happiness.

We pay attention to articles that receive the most clicks. Which posts receive the most interaction? What items are selling the quickest, and where are you promoting them? What additional characteristics do your consumers have in common? Online resources for frequent complaints can be used to identify unmet requirements. These responses may also be used to determine sales mix, qualify leads, and create even more accurate buyer profiles.

Use this information to increase sales enablement and to fine-tune your digital marketing strategies. You have access to mountains of data in the digital world. Use the information wisely.

Craft Personalisation

Your sales practices may still be personable even if your sales are done digitally.

  1. You can make content that is specifically made for your audience.
  2. You can also bring people together through online events like webinars.
  3. Create and run a blog where people can read about your process.
  4. Online, be inventive and aesthetically attractive!
  5. Also, do not forget to provide compelling material to keep readers interested as they can connect with it in the digital world at their own speed and convenience.

Case studies

If you have the resources, conducting and sharing the results of a case study can be extremely persuasive. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how a product or service works in the abstract, but a thorough case study can detail out the benefits. Share failed solutions as well as successful ones to help illustrate why your product and teams are the best.

Easy to use, easy to buy

Unintuitive websites and badly written information annoy users. Similar to this, if purchasing your product is difficult, many potential customers will give up and go to a rival that makes it easier. Make sure everything a consumer interacts with is simple to use. This is one of the most crucial things you can do to improve your digital sales process. Make sure your call to action is obvious and that the “purchase” button is even more obvious.


What do you need to implement digital sales strategies?

#1 Create buyer personas

Based on your market research and actual information about your current clients, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional picture of your ideal consumer. You may develop a plan to attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your organization by learning about their difficulties, objectives, and demographic characteristics. It gives your business structure and connections, which makes it simpler to plan out content, manage time and resources, and establish organizational alignment.

#2 Layout customer journey map

The most crucial part of transforming your sales process for digital channels is defining your lead to revenue process. It ought to reflect how you actually conduct business. Creating phases for the client lifecycle can help you track developments and KPIs throughout the sales process.

Determine the crucial stages of your sales cycle to begin with. After that, decide on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between marketing, sales, and customer success in collaboration with sales operations and your whole revenue organization.

Your marketing automation and CRM solutions are great tools for automating team handoffs. Your lead to revenue process will be enhanced by automation, which will also increase sales effectiveness and deepen client relationships.

#3 Choose the right tools

Once you have determined opportunities for improvement for sales engagement at each stage of the sales cycle, you will have a better grasp of your lead to revenue process. To identify possible bottlenecks and gaps, collaborate with your sales managers and get input from your field sales representatives. Your decisions on the engagement tools and procedures that may be adopted or improved will be aided by their insights.

Without business solutions like customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation tools, or computer telephony integration (CTI), sales teams wind up spending the majority of their working day on time-consuming, non-sales-related tasks.

Check out the categories below to get started:

  1. Customer Relationship Management.
  2. Social media marketing Tools.
  3. Workflow Automation Tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM is a platform that acts as the hub for all information and communication with customers. The sales, marketing, and support service teams may connect their plans with this end-to-end customer experience solution in order to keep their customers satisfied. CRMs are made to ensure that your processes are customer-centric, so you don’t run the danger of letting the most crucial aspect of your company fall between the cracks. The QuickDesk CRM for sales teams, Sell, is one such platform.

QuickDesk CRM software offers a full range of functions, including sales pipeline management, project and task management, collaboration, billing, and reporting, to assist in coordinating your sales process and enhancing the performance of your team.

QuickDesk CRM

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Top features:

  1. Manage your leads in a pipeline view and easily drag-and-drop them from one stage to the next.
  2. Get an instant overview of each client, including contact details, quotes, communication history, linked projects, etc.
  3. Get the tools to manage your sales process, projects, calendar, invoices, and more.
  4. What’s interesting about this tool: Scoro saves more than 50% of the time you’re currently spending on reporting, meetings, and double data entry.

Marketing Automation tool

Marketing automation software streamlines the marketing processes used to support digital marketing campaigns. This involves email marketing, landing page and lead capture, and graphic creation for your marketing material.

Active Campaign

It makes it easy to run your marketing campaigns. From setting up a marketing automation pipeline to a welcome series with email automation, segmenting your contacts, or using simple automation workflows to save time and money.

Top feature:

  1. Automate customer engagement process
  2. Advanced reporting on marketing campaigns performance
  3. Ready-made automation process flow, minimal customization needed
  4. 870+ integrations available

Workflow automation tool

Workflow automation is the process of launching a set of tasks that operate autonomously without human involvement. After you set up the rules and logic, automated workflows may do a variety of activities without requiring any input from your team, like sending emails, setting up reminders, scheduling tasks, launching drip campaigns, and more.


Zapier can automate virtually any kind of business procedure since it can connect to and exchange data with over 5,000 web applications, including your CRM, Facebook, Slack, Asana, and Google Drive. You just create a workflow in their editor, choose the applications you wish to use, and design it.

Top feature:

  1. More than 5,000 integration can be done
  2. Ready-made workflow available
  3. Free account could automate up to 100 tasks per month


If you’re interested in enhancing your sales efforts and keeping pace with an ever-changing sales landscape, it’s best to properly investigate and discover some digital sales methods that fit your needs to increase your sales efforts and keep up with a constantly shifting sales landscape.

Alternatively, you may leverage our expertise in helping over 1000+ clients and reach out to us for a free sales consultation session.