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October 11, 2021
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October 19, 2021

There are many opportunities for organisations to use Marketing Automation software creatively to improve their business. Here are some typical uses of a Marketing Automation software.

Enhance email marketing efforts

Marketing Automation allows you to take control of some of your mailing activities. You can link your email address with the platform to send mass marketing emails to your leads with just a few clicks. Utilising the data gathered from your leads management system, you can tailor your email content to suit your target audience. A Marketing Automation provides you a better way to organize your contacts by grouping them into categories. This way, you can send your emails quickly based on the campaign objectives and goals.

Customer segmentation

One of the important functions that Marketing Automation provides is the ability to segment your customers according to various characteristics with tags such as industry, age group, interests and more. For example, just like a CRM system, you can segment your customers according to their leads status — cold, warm and hot leads. Your Marketing Automation can help manage leads and deals to increase sales opportunities and drive revenue. A Marketing Automation allows you to take control of each customer individually as well as a group of customers.

So when you click on the segment filters, you will see your contact list and their various groups that you have set. Now you can easily run your sales and marketing processes based on this information to nurture your leads and close sales efficiently. By organising your customers with specific segmentations, you can easily communicate with them accordingly based on their status and needs.

Team productivity

Today’s businesses rely heavily on multiple platforms such as Slack and Calendly. A Marketing Automation can help link all these platforms together. Without Marketing Automation, you would have to log on to various platforms separately to communicate with your customers, which consumes a significant amount of time. A Marketing Automation software can integrate the existing platforms that you use to facilitate your communications.

Having your workflow on a central platform increases your productivity by eliminating time spent in switching between platforms. This also eliminates distractions and improves the quality of customer interactions of your sales representatives.

Streamline business operations

Without a Marketing Automation system, you may require more marketing and sales manpower to manage the various aspects of your operations. A Marketing Automation tool can help to streamline your sales and marketing operations and cut down manpower requirements. Apart from customer and sales information, Marketing Automation software can integrate different departments via information sharing on a single and efficient platform. This will eliminate the clutter and unnecessary paperwork to increase productivity of your sales and marketing team. They will then be able to be more involved with various creative processes and conduct better customer interactions, resulting in increased sales opportunities and revenue.

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