upskill your employee into digital marketing professionals to drive more sales for you!

We equip your sales and marketing team with the right digital tools and digital solutions to help them close more sales effectively!

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common problems companies face


why this training?


  • Geared towards improving not just marketing skills, but also the skill in closing sales
  • Course is aggregated into three duration allowing learners to work on their company’s tasks while on training

hands-on training

  • Hands-on training in the real working environment and yield measurable result for your company
  • Experienced trainers to provide valuable insights based on your business industry and specific needs

what's in it for me as an employer?

you will walk away with..

  • An effective, workable inbound marketing plan customized for your business needs
  • Improved content curation strategies across various social media platforms
  • The right digital skills and framework to close sales effectively
  • The knowledge on how to utilise social media to generate quality traffic and leads
  • The skills to utilise digital marketing tools to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies

government training grant

  • Up to 90% course fee subsidized
  • **For more information on the eligibility criteria do contact us and we are glad to assist you.

learning design

classroom breakdown

Classroom facilitation
44 hours
2 hours

course fees

Type Singaporen Citizens Age 21-39 yrs old / PR Age >= 21 Singapore Citizens Age >= 40
Course Fee $2,555.55 $2,555.55
Less: SkillsFuture Funding $690* $2,300**
Course Fee after SkillsFuture Funding $1,865.55 $255.55
Add: GST (7%) $178.89 $178.89
Course Fee after GST $2,044.44 $434.44
Total Net Fee $2,044.44 $434.44


Enhanced Training Support Package for SME

Non-SME Sponsored

Singaporean Citizens Age 21-39 yrs old/ PR Age >= 21

Singaporen Citizens Age >= 40

Course Fee




Less: SkillsFuture Funding




Course Fee after Training Grant 




Add: GST (7%)




Course Fee after GST




Total Net Fee




course curriculum

Learning Unit 01:
Analyse social media platforms
Identify the suitable social media platforms that build brand awareness and nurtures relationships with your potential customers
Learning Unit 02:
Develop social media strategies and productivity
  • Develop social media marketing funnels to churn leads into sales
  • Analyse the performance of social media management campaigns
  • Improve social media engagement for your business
Learning Unit 03:
Set up and implement for Inbound Marketing with Social Media Strategies
  • Learn to plan and implement inbound marketing strategies according to the customer journey map
  • Improve your organisation’s overall marketing strategy
Learning Unit 04:
Develop communication responses on social media platforms
  • Develop a plan to increase customer loyalty based on organisation-wide policies and guidelines
  • Plan your next Advocacy Campaign by following essential steps
Learning Unit 05:
Develop content on social media platforms
  • Learn tips and techniques to curate engaging content
  • Use a web-based software to create visual content with beautiful templates
  • Develop marketing content for social media purposes

Learning Unit 06:
Manage social media content for advertisement
  • Understand the processes involved in content creation and curation
  • Plan and schedule a content calendar for different channels
  • Align your budget with your marketing goals
Learning Unit 07:
Manage inbound marketing activities to achieve goals
  • Build Inbound marketing activities to convert prospects to leads
  • Ways to improve your inbound marketing strategy
Learning Unit 08:
Lead customers through decision-making process
  • Understand processes involved in converting prospects into leads
  • Guide customers through the customer decision processes
  • Nurture leads through sales automation
Learning Unit 09:
Evaluate and optimise the ads performance
  • Measure social media ROI for better performance
  • Review and analyse customer behaviours, interests and demographics
Learning Unit 10:
Monitor marketing strategy implementation
  • Monitor and review organisations’ inbound marketing strategy implementation and effectiveness in generating leads and conversions


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